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With over 20 years industry experience we work with over 400 customers across the UK and Channel Islands to provide EPoS and Retail Management systems which are suitable for all business sizes and can be configured to the requirements of multiple retail sectors.

We deliver a fully integrated multi-channel system providing seamless management of stock, customers and orders across store, web and mobile. With sophisticated loyalty, CRM and Accounts modules, links to 3rd party marketplaces and a comprehensive reporting suite providing vital management information the system covers all key functional areas. 

All of the application software is owned and developed in-house and we provide a complete end to end service; management of your system installation, training tailored to your needs, a 7 day office based support team to help with any queries and a maintenance service to solve any hardware issues.


Multi-Channel Retail

We recognise that in order for retailers to truly take advantage of the growing demand for multi-channel retail, they need fully integrated systems which provide seamless management of retail activities and customer expectations across all channels.

Working with Iconography, we present Retail Fusion which brings together the everyday Head Office, In-Store and Online retailing processes through the automation of both online and offline operations.

This fusing of established providers means there are no compromises within the system. Each element has been developed fully by companies with expertise in that field and then integrated to create a truly seamless multi-channel solution.

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Milestone in the Cloud

Oct 13, 2014
G7swan has deployed our 250th hosted user, achieving our target number of users way ahead of schedule. The G7Swan hosted system provides a very flexible and easy to administer solution which suits the requirements of a large number of retailers.

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